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Introducing the Lekkie Onenut – a clever addition that not only simplifies installations but also elevates the quality and style of your bike. Born out of the frustration of searching for a nonexistent tool to tighten the main bottom bracket nut during BBS kit installations, the Onenut addresses this challenge effortlessly.

Designed to specifically address the issues encountered when fitting Bafang BBS kits to a 73mm bottom bracket, where the Bafang cover cannot be installed, the Lekkie Onenut is a single fastener that can be easily tightened with a standard Shimano bottom bracket tool (wrench type, as most sockets are too shallow) or the Lekkie Sixteen-44 Socket. Once tightened, the Onenut boasts a locking feature – two grub screws secure the nut to the bottom bracket thread, preventing any unintended loosening or rotation. For DIY installations, this becomes a must-add-on, providing not only convenience but also a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a specific tool for the Bafang nut, while simultaneously enhancing the overall aesthetic.

Available in Anodized Red or Black, as well as a limited edition Slick (Physical Vapor Deposition Coating), the Onenut is a sleek and practical solution.

Designed in New Zealand, upgrade your biking experience with the Onenut – simplicity, quality, and a touch of bling in one innovative package!

User Manual


Compatibility Bafang BBSHD, Bafang BBS01/02, Truckrun M05
Material Forged 6061 T6 Aluminum, CNC machined
Finish Red or Black – Anodized

Slick (Limited Edition) – PVD Coating

Weight 80g
Tool Compatibility Lekkie SIXTEEN-44 Socket

Shimano 44mm 16-notch BB tool (wrench type, most sockets are too shallow) Park Tool BBT-9 or similar

Version  1 Released 2022



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