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The lads at Lekkie designed these crazy strong, super sick cranks for the Zerode World Cup Race Team. Now they are available for you!…once we make a bunch…

And now for the dry marketing spiel….

Lekkie Celebrates 10th Anniversary with the Launch of Innovative Nucleus Crank Set for Pinion Gearboxes and Smart Shift.

2024 – As Lekkie marks its 10th year in the design and manufacturing of CNC electric bike components, it proudly announces its most refined product yet – the Nucleus Crank set.

Born out of a unique blend of computer calculation, human artistry, and precision machining, the Nucleus Crank set is the culmination of a decade’s worth of industry knowledge and innovation. The design was initially developed to create a narrow pedal width for a specific ebike motor, balancing the need for a slim design with the strength of a larger crank.

Leveraging topology optimization software, Lekkie was able to generate a design with maximum strength within a constrained space. The result is a robust crank set that does not compromise on sleek