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Nucleus – Pinion Gearbox Cranks

Lekkie Nucleus Crank set for Pinion Gearbox and Smart Shift.

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The lads at Lekkie designed these crazy strong, super sick cranks for the Zerode World Cup Race Team. Now they are available for you!…once we make a bunch…

And now for the dry marketing spiel….

Lekkie Celebrates 10th Anniversary with the Launch of Innovative Nucleus Crank Set for Pinion Gearboxes and Smart Shift.

2024 – As Lekkie marks its 10th year in the design and manufacturing of CNC electric bike components, it proudly announces its most refined product yet – the Nucleus Crank set.

Born out of a unique blend of computer calculation, human artistry, and precision machining, the Nucleus Crank set is the culmination of a decade’s worth of industry knowledge and innovation. The design was initially developed to create a narrow pedal width for a specific ebike motor, balancing the need for a slim design with the strength of a larger crank.

Leveraging topology optimization software, Lekkie was able to generate a design with maximum strength within a constrained space. The result is a robust crank set that does not compromise on sleekness and aesthetic appeal. Rigorous computer analysis and physical machine testing have ensured that the Nucleus Pinion Gearbox Cranks set meets the highest industry standards.

The Nucleus Crankset for Pinion Gearboxes includes offset and a magnet for the Smartshift system. The offset solves the ankle strike issue of the straight Pinion cranks.

The Nucleus Crank is the pinnacle of strength, durability and visual glory.


Smart Shift Compatable

C-Line Q Factor 176mm

P-Line Q Factor 184mm

Length 160mm

Material 7050T6 Aluminium

Weight 258gms each


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